Last IIACC Quarterly Meeting of 2022: Summary

On December 8, we held our last quarterly meeting for 2022. We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined and shared their insights, recommendations, and suggestions during the review and planning activities.

Congratulations to all the participants throughout this year, as with your tremendous help we were ale to update the language of the Comprehensive plan to make it more accessible. The finalized version will be available within the next few weeks.

2023 is all about you, as a member of IIACC and individual/organization supporting people with ASD. We want to make sure that IIACC meetings are welcoming and beneficial for all members while providing support and resources to diverse stakeholders who have autism or support those on the spectrum. That is why we would love to learn more about your thoughts and recommendations for our meetings next year, as well as ways to support you between meetings. If you were not able to join or if you have suggestions or insights, please share them at your earlier convenience. This will help us with the development of new resources and planning for the upcoming year.

We also discussed the preferred focus for the upcoming year. Please add your recommendations if you have not done so yet.


UPDATE: Comprehensive Plan

Based on the need for relevance and accessibility of the Comprehensive Plan shared by the community and IIACC members, a new Plan structure was developed in 2020-2021 with ongoing input from IIACC members. These modifications allow us to set foundation for future adaptations by reformatting the structure, organization towards greater simplicity, to allow for greater accessibility and use across all stakeholders and communities. The updated Comprehensive Plan structure reflects four main sections for each goal to improvement of navigation, reader friendliness, and ability to quickly find the needed information. All information has been tailored for simplified verbiage that is both accessible and relevant (see figure below).

Note: Background information is available on the website.

Learn more and download the plan

Navigating the Holiday Season: Tips

Photo of big family sit feast meals table around blessing roasted turkey eldest grandfather making slices hungry relatives waiting excited in living room indoors

The holiday season brings a lot of fun and opportunities to connect with families. However, it may also bring challenges due to schedule change, sensory overload, need to travel, and social engagement expectations.

Here is a list of resources to help you successfully navigate this holiday season!


Welcome to the Indiana INformation Network, a collaborative system of resources for individuals, families, and communities affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The INformation Network is driven by the shared community responsibility of supporting and caring for those with ASD, as well as their families, as represented in the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Individuals with ASD.

Learn more about this project by visiting About the Network page.

June 2022 Meeting Summary

On June 2022, we welcomed long-term and new IIACC members at the IIACC Quarterly Meeting!

We had a lot of discussions, great insights, and challenging questions based on the agenda:

  • Review and updates of new materials and additions based on the feedback we received during the March 2022 meeting
  • Adaptation of the language of the Comprehensive Plan to make it widely accessible
  • Updates based on the Comprehensive Plan trajectories identified in March
  • Great discussions on the new trajectories for Comprehensive Plan goals and action items

Here are some meeting highlights:

To review the meeting materials and add your notes to the work documents, please review the materials below. We will incorporate your additions into the upcoming meeting materials.