On May 10th, 2018 the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council met for their spring meeting. During the meeting they summarized conclusions and discussions from the winter meeting in February about Cultural Responsivity and the INformation Network. Additionally, a video briefly summarizing the history and purpose of the IIACC was shown to attendees and is available below.

Afterward the INformation Network was introduced with the following video.

Based on the information in the video, IIACC members were asked to read through scenarios for examples of needs in the community and to navigate the website based on those needs, taking notes about areas of the INformation Network that are good, and areas that need improvement. After some time for individual research, members debriefed as a group.

Next, to gain insight into the needs and priorities among member stakeholders regarding Goal 7 of the Indiana Comprehensive Plan for Autism, Justice and Public Safety, members were asked to respond to a series of questions and discuss among their peers.

Finally, as this was the final IIACC meeting until fall, members filled out a STAR Supported Decision Making form to plan out the future goals and current strengths of the IIACC as a whole.

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