Document Updates and Discussion

For the first meeting of 2019, Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council(IIACC) members met to discuss the implementation of a number of new goals for 2019. The meeting began with an overview of the results of the December IIACC meeting, in which the IIACC Annual Report for 2017-2018 was previewed and discussed. A revised copy of the Annual Report was distributed to demonstrate how comments and critiques were applied.

Additionally, members were presented with a draft of the 2019 Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. In order to have a cohesive plan, it is important to align it with the considerations of all IIACC members.

Professional Learning Community (PLC) Progress Updates and Future Plans

Facilitators from HANDS in Autism® gave a brief refresher on the What?, Who?, How? and Why?’s of PLC’s and the IIACC’s vision for their use in deep dives into specified goals in the Comprehensive State Plan.

A timeline was presented with anticipated dates for 2019, in which PLC’s for Justice and Public Safety, Culturally Responsive Implementation, and Transition would be formed. For information on becoming involved with these PLC’s, fill out the survey here.

Goal #5 Successful Youth Transition

One of the focus areas for 2019 will be Goal 5, Successful Youth Transition. IIACC members received a review of the goal, the data used to determine this need, and objectives. One of the first priorities is to collect more transition-aged responses to the Indiana Autism Needs Assessment.

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