On May 9th, members of the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council (IIACC) met at the Indiana Government Center South in Indianapolis, IN for the spring quarterly meeting.

Needs Assessment: Novel Recruitment Methods

Agenda and Content Covered

There was a segment devoted to updating IIACC meeting attendees of what has been in motion since the February meeting:

  • Updates were made to the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan, with an open discussion about the the changes and ideas for sharing (who, where, how).
  • An information sheet about the IIACC was presented for review and comment to members. Points of discussion included “How well does it meet the audience needs?“, “What would you add or call out further?“, and “Based upon the audience you are representing or serve, what would you add or take away?“.
  • Progress on the Professional Learning Community (PLC) project was discussed alongside a new information/recruitment sheet.
  • Status report for the INformation Network included improvements to content organization and accessibility
  • Information about Local Community Cadres (LCCs) and the current revitalization and recruitment project that is underway was shared with an explanation of the overlap between the PLCs, LCCs, and IIACC as a whole.

The main focus for this meeting was recruitment of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to take the Indiana Autism Needs Assessment Survey. We spoke about the need for such an outreach and potential obstacles to authentic and accurate communication with transition-age and adults with ASD who may experience difficulty communicating via spoken or written word.

As groups we used a card-sorting activity to gain feedback about where participants stood on various communication methods and modes. They were asked to rate each on their level of Interest, Accessibility, Appropriateness, Efficiency, and urgency.

To wrap up, attendees were updated on the highlight efforts of the DISI award, with this informational video:

Materials & References

Here is a list of downloads of resources presented at the meeting:

Be sure to join us for the next meeting on Thursday, September 5th, 2019. RSVP

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