Videos From Autism Science Foundation Annual Day of Learning

Videos From Autism Science Foundation Annual Day of Learning

The Day of Learning at the Autism Science Foundation (ASF), is a TED-style science conference that brings together leading autism researchers to present new findings to members of the autism community. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Day of Learning was held virtually. Over 800 people from across the world took part in the event.

Below are links to recorded presentations paired with ways to learn more on topics on the INformation Network website.

Do We Need New Terms for Autism? – Dr. Catherine Lord – School of Medicine at UCLA

Dr. Lord called for a new term: “profound autism.” Announced publicly for the first time at the Day of Learning, the term is intended to help individuals with the highest level of needs gain access to appropriate services and to increase research participation by this understudied subpopulation.

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Autism Research in 2020: What Do We Know? What Do We Need? – Dr. James McPartland – Yale Child Study Center

Dr. McPartland explains that many of the advancements made this year amid the pandemic will benefit individuals on the autism spectrum long after the current crisis is over.

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Developing Personalized Social Interventions for Adolescents with Autism – Dr. Matthew Lerner – Stony Brook University

Dr. Matthew Lerner explained how he and his team are moving toward an “evidence-based menu” of interventions to develop social skills in adolescents with autism, which will allow families to take more targeted actions to improve outcomes.

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Is ABA Passe? – Dr. Melanie Pellecchia – University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Pellecchia outlined some of the historic problems of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and showed how increased knowledge of childhood development has significantly improved the practice in recent years, with a greater emphasis on fun, play-based therapy sessions and a de-emphasis on “teacher-led, didactic” sessions.

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Research on Adults with Autism in Natural Settings – Dr. Vanessa Hus Bal – Rutgers University

Dr. Hus Bal argued that while support for adults with autism often focuses on the transition to adulthood and associated milestones, there is not enough being done to provide adults with ongoing support throughout their lives.

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Robots as Autism Therapy Partners – Dr. Brian Scasselatti – Yale University

Dr. Scassellati demonstrated the powerful effect that robots can have as autism therapy partners and explained what parents should look for in evaluating these solutions.

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2019-2020 IIACC Annual Report

2019-2020 Annual Report is Available for Download

This report provides a year-in-review snapshot. It reviews actions of the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council (IIACC), updates about global research findings, and plans moving forward in pursuit of the 8 stated goals of the IIACC.

Download your copy today, and share with your colleagues.

State-Wide LCC Highlights – July 2020

Local Community Cadres (LCC) Teaming Together to Make a Difference

Our HANDS team and LCC members have been busy brainstorming ways to engage stakeholders in autism awareness events throughout the state—as well as bringing training and resources to Indiana communities. Here are some of the things we’ve been up to:

  • In May, we conducted 4 LCC quarterly meetings (Central, East, Northeast and Southeast regions).
  • A Regional Autism LCC Summit was facilitated for the Northcentral region.
  • In addition to meeting as cadres to identify and refine strategies for best serving the individuals and children with ASD, families and caregivers in their communities, HANDS and the LCCs hosted a variety of community events to further support each LCC region’s identified needs:
  • Next Steps™ Workshops – our first online Next Steps workshops occurred in May, where we unveiled the new Next Steps™ ebook Manual to increase ASD knowledge and awareness.
  • LifeCourse™ Workshop e-training was provided by Heather Dane wtih the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services to support transition-age youth needs.

Here What’s Happening Next Across the State!

In the coming month, Cadres will continue to work on the needs identified in their regions through a variety of activities and methods, including:

  • Polls
  • Dissemination of developed materials and online discussions
  • Providing input on new training opportunities and materials specific to community needs

Fill out this survey to let us know you want to be engaged in your LCC today and we’ll send you regular email updates.

LCCs Assist in Increasing ASD Information for State Advisory Board

A common activity across all regional cadres will be assisting in the facilitation and sharing of the Needs Assessment for ASD Survey across stakeholders in each of their communities. The goal of this joint activity is to increase the current ASD-related data used by the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council (IIACC) and the State in addressing gaps and needs across the state in supporting ASD.

Additionally, LCC members are invited to participate as a Community Advisory Group Member in the Upcoming IIACC quarterly meetings to provide their unique perspectives and input regarding ASD successes, needs, gaps and challenges in their communities.

Central LCC Highlights

Central LCC Wrapping Up Employer Toolkit Activity

Between quarterly meetings, our LCCs will be engaging in community building, ASD-supporting activities based upon the goals for the region. Individuals living or working in the Central LCC Region are invited to participate in the Employer Toolkit dissemination activities currently taking place on Canvas. Canvas is an interactive platform that is easy to access and use on your time frame.

There are no prerequisites or time commitments for participating. You can participate in the way that best meets your needs and capacity. We look forward to and value your input and assistance in developing a plan for and helping to disseminate the recently completed Central Region LCC Employer Toolkit.

How Can I Participate?

  1. Signup for Canvas. If you do not already have an IU or IU guest account, you will need to make one.
  2. Visit the LCC Canvas to participate in any or all of the LCC activities available. The home page provides easy to follow instructions and helpful resources for navigating the space.
  3. Need help navigating Canvas or need special accommodations to participate? Contact your LCC Community Liaison, Lisa Stewart.

December 2018 IIACC Meeting

For the last meeting of the year of the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council, we gathered to discuss the progress made in 2018 as well as goals for the coming year. We want to thank everyone who generously shared their time this year in an effort to accomplish the goals set for in the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Autism. Below is a summary of the discussion points from the meeting as well as links to referenced documents and resources. 

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