The IIACC community blog seeks to bring awareness to autism and related topics that may be of interest to communities in Indiana. A few considerations before you start:


We encourage you to align your topic with goal areas from the Indiana Comprehensive Plan for Individuals with ASD. This will help expand information available particular to areas of priority. However, if it is not fully aligned with the goal areas, it is okay as well.

  • Goal 1: Facilitation of IIACC Vision & Implementation
  • Goal 2: Family, Professional & Interprofessional Partnerships
  • Goal 3: Early & Continuous Developmental & Medical Screening for ASD Responses
  • Goal 4: Access to All Needed ASD Health, Mental, Education & Social Services
  • Goal 5: Successful Youth Transition to Adult Services, Work, & Independence within Inclusive Communities
  • Goal 6: Adequate Equitable Access to Resources, Funding, Inclusive Community & Basic Living Conditions to Meet Quality of Life Outcomes
  • Goal 7: Justice System and Public Safety
  • Goal 8: Culturally Responsive Implementation


We expect the average blog to be between 500 and 1000 words to avoid overloading our readers. If you want to contribute something significantly longer, consider making it a 2- or 3-part series

Review Process for Objectivity:

The intent of the INformation Network is to provide information that is accurate, objective, and reliable. As such, the IIACC community blog submissions housed on the INformation Network will receive review by IIACC facilitators, representatives of the IIACC, and/or others, should added expertise be needed to ensure similar accuracy and reliability of submitted posts.

Submission Process:

  1. Prepare your content using the format that is best for you: The online form, or this pdf document. (email the finished pdf to
  2. IIACC facilitators will do initial review and seek further review by representatives of the IIACC and/or others needed for content expertise.
  3. Once finalized, with any potential edits, you will be sent a proof.
  4. If you approve the proof, we will post it on the website.

HANDS in Autism® and the IIACC are committed to ensuring its materials are both accurate and accessible to everyone. If you need additional support or accommodations, please contact us.

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