Upcoming Quarterly Meeting and 2021 Dates announced

Join us for the final quarterly meeting of the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council (IIACC) on December 3rd, 2020 from 9am to 11:30am.

All meetings are free and open to the public and in the interest of maintaining a safe environment for everyone, we are hosting December’s meeting online via Zoom.

Please RSVP to receive a link to attend this meeting.

Contact hands@iupui.edu with any questions.

2021 Dates

In order to let folks plan ahead and make time to join in with this statewide community, please distribute the following dates and mark them on your calendar for 2021!

  • 3/11/2021
  • 6/10/2021
  • 9/9/2021
  • 12/9/2021

February 2019 IIACC Meeting

Document Updates and Discussion

For the first meeting of 2019, Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council(IIACC) members met to discuss the implementation of a number of new goals for 2019. The meeting began with an overview of the results of the December IIACC meeting, in which the IIACC Annual Report for 2017-2018 was previewed and discussed. A revised copy of the Annual Report was distributed to demonstrate how comments and critiques were applied.

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December 2018 IIACC Meeting

For the last meeting of the year of the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council, we gathered to discuss the progress made in 2018 as well as goals for the coming year. We want to thank everyone who generously shared their time this year in an effort to accomplish the goals set for in the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Autism. Below is a summary of the discussion points from the meeting as well as links to referenced documents and resources. 

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September 2018 IIACC Meeting

The third IIACC meeting of the year was a demonstration of Professional Learning Communities in action. After a brief reminder of notes from the May meeting, facilitators led sub-groups  through the process of organizing toward a learning goal in order to produce a final project. These “speed PLCs” were meant to introduce the concept more fully to IIACC members to gear up for their full implementation as a tool of the IIACC.

Lastly, we viewed the following video as a group to better explain the purpose and function of PLCs.

If you would like to review further notes and materials from the meeting, you can find them here on the Padlet

To express interest in being a part of the inaugural PLC related to the justice system and its intersection with the ASD and disabilities community, fill out the form here.