“Without innovation, we cannot advance” 
~ Ahmed Mohamed

About DISIdisi

Driver of Innovative Service and Implementation (DISI) is awarded to an agency, organization, or initiative that drives the implementation of innovative programs/ services in the field of ASD and other developmental disabilities that relate to at least one goal of the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Nominate an organization for the IIACC’s next DISI (Driver of Innovative Service and Implementation) Award! Please take a few minutes to identify an agency, group, or program that:

  • Engages community partners to discuss and realize innovative ideas in the field of ASD
  • Exemplifies the characteristics of the IIACC’s mission to facilitate the efficient and effective exchange of information on ASD-related activities
  • Drives the implementation of services and programming that align with the goals outlined in the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan

Complete the nomination application!

DISI Winners: