School-Home Collaborative Network – An Initiative towards Greater Teaming and Engagement (March 2021)

School-Home Collaborative Network is a new initiative started by the HANDS in Autism® to address the needs of a community in a more holistic and comprehensive way. Read/Listen to Podcast

The NeuroDiagnostic Institute Adolescent Autism Services Unit – HANDS in Autism® Involvement towards Impact on Community Training, Transition, and Support (January 2021)

The NeuroDiagnostic Institute and Advanced Treatment Center, the state’s psychiatric hospital, houses a state-of-the-art adolescent autism services unit and an innovative community partnership for sustainability and prevention of re-admission. The NDI adolescent autism services unit is a collaboration of Damar Services, Inc., the Department of Psychiatry at the Indiana University School of Medicine, and HANDS in Autism Interdisciplinary Training and Resource Center, also within the Department of Psychiatry at IUSM. Read/Listen to Podcast

Kelsey Cowley’s Fellowship on Sexual Abuse, Violence, and Prevention (December 2019)

As part of a fellowship program through the Self-Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistant Center (SARTAC), Kelsey Cowley, Vice-President of Self-Advocates of Indiana, developed information and resources regarding sexual abuse and violence against people with disabilities, and steps for prevention. Learn more

Explore resources on sexual abuse, violence, and prevention