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Icebreaker: Choose your challenge:

  • Do you have a pet? Introduce them to the team without telling the name and let the team guess it
  • What is your favorite item currently on your desk, and why?
  • How many beverages are on your desk right now, and what are they?
  • Do you have a favorite mug? Show and share why it’s special to you.
  • What is the funniest thing you currently have saved to your desktop?

ACTIVITY: IIACC Stakeholder Update


A Pareto Principle – 80/20 Rule

  • Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.
  • Can be applied to various aspects of existence – from business to individual productivity and goal setting. 
  • Use this rule when you’re stuck, trying to decide where to start or when re-evaluating goals
  • Let’s try it today with several activities!

Small Group Activity: Inviting Stakeholders

  • Brainstorm several champions among your networks who could be invited to the table and would be ready to go right away?

Connecting with Minority Groups & Build Disability Culture – Applying a Pareto Principle

Add your thoughts to the Jamboard!

Continuing with Goal Trajectory

  • Break down individual trajectory elements into smaller tasks

EX: Accessibility of training and resources in multiple formats can include:

1.Trainings will have closed captioning

2.Trainings will…

3.Resources will …

  • Rank ALL the trajectory elements them according to their importance.
  • Highlight the 20% that will have the greatest impact for the overall trajectory
  • This will help us ensure that we are making progress without getting bogged down in small, less important details.

Ready to try it out as small groups and then we will get together for a large group discussion

Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3

One-Word Takeaway