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Section: About ASD

About ASD
About ASD

An introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Diagnosis Across Lifespan

How ASD is diagnosed depending on age

About the Diagnosis
Medical information about ASD

ASD & Families

How and ASD diagnosis can affect a family

Co-occurring Disorders

Disorders that often accompany ASD

Cultural and Diversity Considerations
How expectations for behavior can change depending on local culture

Public Safety & Law Enforcement

ASD affects how an individual may interact with LEO and how to stay safe in public

ASD and Law

Learn about state and federal regulations and laws that affect individuals with ASD

State Regulations
Federal Regulations

Looking for More Information?

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Section: Learn Now

Training Opportunities

A list of training opportunities for professionals and families
Online Learning

A list of online training opportunities for professionals and families
Reading Research

How to read and understand a scientific paper

Descriptions of frequently used terms

Section: Get Connected

Get Connected

How to stay connected: Groups and More

Get Connected

Check out what is going on in Indiana

Discussions of advocacy and self-advocacy
Groups & Networks

Support groups for individuals with ASD and families