Which Life Skills are Important for Adulthood?

  • Safety: Learning to take care of themselves can help reduce abuse or neglect by caretakers.
  • Self-esteem: Self-esteem is rooted in achievement and ability. Learning to do things for oneself helps individuals to feel more self-empowered.
  • Hygiene and Daily Living: Mastering hygiene and daily living skills can help lead happier life
  • Independence: The more skills individuals with ASD can master, the more options they will have for housing and work.
  • Self-advocacy: Feeling empowered to set life course for the future is what we all strive for, regardless of disability.
  • Self-Regulation: Learning to manage stress, anxiety and feelings is a key life skill that will help individuals with ASD cope with challenges of daily life.

Autism and Adaptive Skills for Adulthood