What are the domains for independent living and community participation?

Independent living and community participation involves at minimum the following:

  1. Leisure and recreation: activities or experiences of interest chosen for fun, enjoyment, or enrichment during time free from obligations
  2. Home maintenance and personal care, including domestic and self care skills, like personal hygiene skills, clothing care, cooking, planning meals, housekeeping, etc. 
  3. Community participation: access and use community environments and agencies, including shopping, community and government services, voting, paying taxes, etc.
  4. Transportation/Mobility: ability to travel safely by foot, bicycle, bus, train and/or car
  5. Money management, including managing bank accounts and credit cards
  6. Personal safety and health care both at home and in the community, including the knowledge of personal information, use of pones for emergencies, use of first aid
  7. Communication and interpersonal relationships: ability to communicate basic needs, comprehension of instructions and gestures, and response to commands and prohibitions.
  8. Self determination: ability to know themselves, control their lives, plan and reach their goals and self-advocate

(Cronin, 1996; Halpern, 1994; Nietupski & Hamre-Nietupski, 1997)

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