Welcome to the Indiana INformation Network, a collaborative system of resources for individuals, families, and communities affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  The INformation Network is driven by the shared community responsibility of supporting and caring for those with ASD, as well as their families, as represented in the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan for Individuals with ASD.  Based on this Comprehensive Plan and its stated priority areas, this site is designed to provide community members with information, data, and resources related to areas outlined in the Plan as priorities for the State of Indiana:

  • Family and professional partnerships
  • Early and Continuous Developmental and Medical Screening for ASD Responses
  • Access to necessary Health, Mental, Education, and Social Services
  • Successful Youth Transition to Adult Services, Work, and Independence
  • Adequate Public/Private Insurance for Individuals Affected by ASD
  • Justice and Public Safety

The materials and information presented by the INformation Network are the result of combined efforts by representatives and work groups affiliated with the Indiana Interagency Autism Coordinating Council (IIACC), a statewide coalition of stakeholders across the ASD community focused on addressing the gaps in services available for individuals, families, and other consumers. Currently, HANDS in Autism®  facilitates and coordinates the IIACC as well as manages the data obtained from statewide needs assessments, evolution and development of the Plan, and progress related to status of services reflected within the Comprehensive State Plan.