To ensure that the Indiana Comprehensive Plan for Individuals with ASD reflects the most up-to-date needs of individuals with ASD, their families, professionals working with this population, and the community in general, diverse data are systematically analyzed, synthesized, and represented ongoing (see image below). Various avenues for input are provided to allow for greater engagement (i.e., surveys, interviews, focus groups). Additionally, an increasing focus is being placed on those with traditionally less input (e.g., individuals with ASD) to reflect their voices and input on the issues impacting them and their families.

ASD Thru Lived Experiences (ASDLE) inclusive of the Indiana Needs Assessment is conducted by HANDS in Autism® and is a key component to provide a comprehensive overview and foundation for the current state of needs of individuals with ASD, their families, as well as diverse stakeholders working/interacting with individuals with ASD across lifespan and settings.

  • About Autism Spectrum Disorder thru Lived Experiences (ASDLE)

In the process of facilitating these comprehensive gap analyses statewide since 2014, HANDS in Autism® has evolved an innovative and comprehensive Autism Spectrum Disorder through Lived Experiences (ASDLE) evaluation package as the multi-modal toolkit comprised of tools for survey, individual interview, and focus group. The ASDLE is adaptable to address specific stakeholder questions and to effectively measure the status and ongoing progress related to the needs pertaining to autism services and resulting in critical information for consideration in evaluating the progress relating to the Indiana Comprehensive State Plan. The HANDS in Autism® team has actively used and present on ASDLE findings within local, state, national, and international forums. The ASDLE outcomes and HANDS team facilitation have made for active information sharing, adapting and supporting of community-engaged efforts as well as implementing responsive practices and activities specific to policy and system level priorities across a range of sectors.

Since our State is expansive and includes urban, suburban, and rural areas, the reporting is broken down by several regions that align with the following map:

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Other Data Sources and Reference Materials to Support Comprehensive Analyses

  • Indiana state-level data

These include a wide range of widely accessible data available through diverse state agencies including but not limited to: